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385 Grand Avenue Suite 202 ​

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Phone: 415.515.6152

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Mon 8 am - 6 pm
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Fri  8 am - 6 pm
Sat   1:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Location: 385 Grand Avenue Suite 202, Oakland CA 

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 120 Minute - $225
  90 Minute - $160
  60 Minute - $120

Yoga Nidra Private:

75 Minute - $100

​Service Descriptions:

Therapeutic "Deep Tissue" Massage - Let us dissolve those aching knots and free impingements while bringing you deeper into embodied alignment. We use deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release and clinical massage techniques to reduce pain. Since every session is tailored to your needs, we often incorporate cupping, hot stones, essential oils, hot packs and scraping at no extra charge.

Relaxation "Swedish" Ayurvedic Massage -combines Ayurvedic techniques with blissfully soothing and restorative massage aimed to balance the mind and body, as well as decrease stress. After a brief Ayurvedic intake, Andy will integrate the use of personalized oils and massage techniques that will detoxify the body, mind, and spirit, maintaining or restoring the ideal state of dynamic balance and harmony, internally and externally. Ayurvedic massage not only promotes circulation and assists the body in expelling toxins; it promotes deep relaxation and rejuvenates the body. Note: For the relief of specific body aches and pains, please see Clinical Massage.

Yoga Nidra Private Session - 75 Minutes - If you feel tired and wired, allow a private respite of Yoga Nidra to bring you back to center. Studies show 1 hour of Yoga Nidra has been proven to equate 4 hours of "normal" sleep!

During this ancient meditation, you will be led, step by step, using body awareness, focused breathing, and visualization to help you slow down to access the alpha/theta wavelengths of your brain so you may tap into your innermost self. You will slip effortlessly into and stay in that state between waking consciousness and deep sleep--simultaneously at rest and completely alert. You are asked only to become aware of body, breath, thoughts and feelings without needing to change or fix anything -
this is true meditation. You will emerge from a Nidra session completely relaxed but energized. 

Yoga Nidra allows you to experience a deep rest, instilling a sense of internal peace and leaving you feeling incredibly relaxed, present and rejuvenated. 

While you are awake and aware during the session, you are being guided through a body scan and visualization. After the 75-minute session, clients often report they feel eurphoric, rested and optimistic. In today's modern society, most of us are depleted and struggling to do more on less rest. Book a session of Yoga Nidra to bring you back into balance. 

These sessions, along with the Ayurvedic Relaxation sessions I offer, incorporate over 10 years working with Ayuvedic treatments, Yogic studies and teacher trainings, as well as my extensive personal journey living with a rare sleep disorder. I look forward to sharing these tools with you. Read more about how Yoga Nidra works here.

Gift Certificates Available! 

Please text or email me to purchase a gift certificate. I accept payment through paypal, square or venmo. After payment is received, a digital gift certificate will be e-mailed to you ASAP and can then be printed at home. Contact me by phone 415-515-6152 or e-mail 

Payment Methods:
Cash and check. Most major credit cards.

Cancellation Policy:
Since your time, as well as mine, is valuable, please be mindful of my 48-hour cancellation policy:) You will be charged 50% for appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. THANK YOU!

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