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What People Are Saying...
Excerpts from reviews on Yelp (linked to originals) and other review sites like Genbook:

"Best I've ever experienced. I spent 1.5 years exploring massage therapists in San Francisco. I tried around 40 therapists. Andy was leagues ahead of the rest. I'll never see anyone else again. I've recommended her to several of my friends, and now they are all hooked too." J.F., Customer since April 2013

"Bodywork Bliss. Wow, what can I say about Andy? Best massage I've EVER had. Ever! Andy is skilled, knowledgeable and one of the most genuine people I've ever met. She educated me on what I could do to alleviate some of my back pain, which was helpful. She rubbed parts of my muscles that I didn't even know hurt. It was pure bliss! I left feeling like a new woman. I am beyond grateful that I found her. Hurry up and make an appointment. You will be so glad you did! I can't wait for my next one-already scheduled!" - Nina, Customer since July 2014

"Andy is professional, empathetic, communicative, intuitive and highly-skilled -- all pretty essential qualities when you're handing over your spine to someone. I cannot recommend her highly enough." -Sara, San Francisco

"My favourite body worker ever. I've tried everyone. No one even comes close to Andy. My friends all see her now too. We are dancers, and need some knowledgable upkeep and repair. Andy every time." - Jodie F, SF, Customer since April 2013

"Andy is an amazing talent. I have been seeing her for over a year now and in each session she introduces great new moves and techniques. I can ask her to address specific areas or just let her loose and she intuitively finds any problem areas on her own. Andy is easy to talk to, listens well, and is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet!" - Phillip H., Customer since May 2013

"Cannot recommend highly enough. I have been getting massages from Andy for several years now and I can't recommend her highly enough. She is highly skilled and has an excellent knowledge of anatomy that allows her to go right to the problem spots and really ease tension and alleviate pain. I've always enjoyed her massages and the benefits last for days beyond the session. She's kind and friendly and her new office is conveniently located close to a major MUNI station." - Danielle B., Customer since August 2013

 "I had the great good luck to find this massage therapist while on vacation in SF. As a chiropractor, I have received bodywork from many practitioners of many types and I’m pretty picky about who I let work on me. Andy is that rare bodyworker who is both intelligent in her work and intuitive. She addressed my painful areas in a careful and thorough way. My only complaint is that since she practices in SF and I live in Brooklyn, I can’t see her regularly. Highly recommended.” - Emily, Brooklyn

"Best body work I have ever had. Andy is a true healer who was able to sense my issues and pain beautifullllllyyyy!!!! Her skills are top of the line! Her AURA and TOUCH put me in such a trance I felt like I had been morphed into pure glory! Experience the magic!!!! "- Jason F.

“I LOVE her- she is such a great practitioner, really takes the time to understand the client and assess their individual needs, and tailors her style even to their moods that day. I have brought my sister and boyfriend to get massages from her so I know this to be true beyond just my experience. And to top it off, she is such a positive, warm-hearted, spirited woman. Just a delight, all around.” – Jennifer, San Francisco

Andy was attentive in listening to my needs and pains then went to work with a pressure that was gradual yet so very firm. That gradual-yet-so-firm pressure is a rare and precious find!” – Carol, San Francisco

“I have had the pleasure of receiving therapy from Andy for the past three years. Having had scoliosis since adolescence, I prefer a therapist who can provide a relaxing massage and work through some rather nasty curves in my spine. Andy goes beyond this request. She provides a truly holistic healing experience that leaves one melted onto the massage table and feeling definitively better for weeks after. She is a true healer.” – Christina, San Francisco

“I don’t think I’ve had a better massage in my life, and I’ve had plenty. She drained away the tension and upper-back pain that plagues many of us computer-strapped cubicle rats. Before starting, Andy warned me that she wouldn’t always be attacking the achy places, but planed to wage war on the sources of said pain. That really did make all the difference. As we wrapped up our session, she showed me some simple stretches I could do to prevent the stress from building up.” – Janine, San Francisco

“My session was with Andy and honestly, it was one of THE best massages I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot!). Right when I walked in the door, Andy’s energy was very grounded and centered, which helped me to relax more. She has a great touch- her pace, the pressure and the flow was wonderful. She also made sure to remind me to breathe deeply throughout the session, which helped me relax even more. Overall Andy was very thorough and so skilled! She also gave me easy-to-do take home tips on how to manage the stress in my shoulders” - Eye, Chicago

“The massage was HEAVENLY. I can’t think of any better way to describe it. She worked out exactly the places that needed attention and relieved all of the built up tension in my muscles and neck and my blood started to flow normally again. I would have to say it is in the top 3 best massages of my life and I’ve had a lot of massages in various countries.” – Jen, San Francisco  

"Hands down, Andy is the most skillful, thoughtful, and effective massage therapist I have ever gone to...Over the last year and a half, she has been a true saving grace. I seem to wake up, sneeze, throw my neck out and become unable to turn my head, get up and down, drive, etc for about 10 days. If I go see Andy, I recover way faster, and have a much less intense experience. I'm somebody who likes pretty intense massage, but Andy is soooo perceptive that she backs off the perfect amount every time through these sensitive spots--it makes sure I get the maximum possible effect and the minimum possible "fighting back" from my body. It's awesome. She also has a keen memory and was always on the same page as me when I returned for another session, even if it was a full 6-8 weeks later. She's analytical and able to come up with the best possible approach to tackle a problem. You will feel SO MUCH BETTER. Better than you thought you could feel."  – Caroline, San Francisco

“I saw Andy for bodywork with emphasis on a sore spot near my lumbar spine. It was a great massage. Before she began she was very communicative in finding out what type of massage I liked and what the trouble spots were. The massage was strong and deep and I left feeling great. During the massage she was focused on the work and would check in with me about various sensations in the trouble spots as she worked them out. It seemed to accelerate the healing in my back and soon I was able to go back to yoga class.” - Jillian, San Francisco

We first met Andy 2 years ago on a trip to SF. Remembered her very skilled hands and spent some Internet searchiing time to find her again on this trip. Well worth the effort. She remains one of the best massage therapists I've ever experienced. Strong, intelligent technique tailored to the client and situation. I was able to recover from my post flight stiffness and get back to enjoying my vacation. - Emily, chiropractor from Brooklyn

I highly recommend Andy. She checked in with me to discover what I wanted her to focus on and put me at ease when she repeated back what I said for clarification. I went in with a foot issue and while she focused on that with intensity, I also experienced a good deal of stress relief and relaxation. Andy provides the perfect balance of strength and gentleness! - Chelsea S.

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